An Interview with Adrian M. Jugaru by Teseleanu George

Full name: Adrian M. Jugaru

Date of birth: 30 November 1985

What is your current location: Focsani, Romania

Tell us a little about the art styles that you use: I do collages, both traditional, the “glue-paper-scissors” way, and digital. I do some assemblage too, but I’m not that productive in that area. I tend to use a mixture of styles, I can't pick something specifically, it depends on what I'm doing. I guess lines and boxes are a constant in my work, I use those to emphasis different characteristics that connect to desire, mood and feelings. From that point of view, I suppose expressionism is the art style that I use the most.

What are your tools of trade: When working on traditional collages I like to get dirty, literally. I use a bunch of inks, paint and shoe-polish on different types of paper, cardboard, wood. Also, on my assemblage pieces I really like using old rusted wire, glass-papier, all kind of metal pieces, string, pretty much anything that suits my idea. On digital collages my weapon of choice is Photoshop.

Why did you choose these art styles: Doing collages is fun, I love mixing up different elements and looking at the final result, but I do want my art to have a meaning, I want it to be food for brain, not just entertainment. Collages are tiny pieces of my soul, I use whatever suits the best what I'm trying to express.

What is your favorite one and why: Expressionism, camouflaged in minimalism, abstract and all sorts of styles is the way I manage to keep a balance between positive and negative feelings that boil inside me every day.

What other art styles would you like to experiment with: Pop art and pointillism sure are fun and catchy, I would like to give those a serious try some day. There are times when I'd love to be able to paint and, here, I'd choose impressionism.

What is your favorite art movement and why: I’m having trouble every time I have to pick favorites, I can’t stop just at one. I’ll have to say that I enjoy Minimalism, Bauhaus and Harlem Renaissance. They all work for me, they're lively, unforeseeable, powerful and the effect on me is similar to a can of Red Bull, only stronger.

How can you define in your own word, expressionism: Expressionism is, as I view it, a giant claw that sits quiet besides you and, when least expected, rips off your chest, extracts the feeling inside, turns them into balls of energy and hits the paper with them.

Who is your favorite artist and how do you connect with his/her works: Once again with the favorite. There are just too many great artists to choose from. I like the meticulous nature of Kandinsky, the rich and glamorous Hundertwasser and Basquiat, the visions of Max Ernst. However, I suppose I'll have to choose Francisco Goya as my favorite artist, especially in the "Black paintings" period. It's that mixture of pure, raw feelings that came out as paintings that intrigue me that is what I aim for, that is, for me, the supreme definition of art.

What influenced you to become an artist: My mother used to write poetry when she was younger and my father puts together some great assemblage-like projects, for household use, so I guess it’s in my DNA. Before assemblages I used to write, I still do it, not as much as I would like to, though. I suppose collages are the next step in my artistic part of life and I think this is what suits me best. Seeing some great artists’ work has also boosted my desire to start creating. Still, I just do art to express my feelings, I find myself to be a volcano and the collages come out as lava.

How long have you been an artist: I’ve been experimenting collages for about two years, I used to do some now and then, but I’ve been working harder for about 9 months or so.

How did your family and friends react of you being an artist: I’ve had a bunch of reactions regarding my collages, ranging from “what is this again?” and “so..what are you going to do with all that stuff?” to “I’m really proud of what you’re doing” and “keep on the good job”. As I keep doing them and, hopefully, getting better at it, I get support from both family and friends.

Where do you get your inspiration from: I guess I’m lucky enough to find inspiration in almost anything, from music to books, from chatting with friends to the rumor of the street. Also, seeing other artists’ pieces works too. Sometimes I feel like thunder-struck and do something out of the blue, I like those works the best.

What determined you to do collaborations: Collaborations are fun and exciting; I love to do stuff like that. I got to thank “The Art of Collage” for introducing me this type of teamwork; it is here where I started doing this by taking part to the “Collaborative corpse” contest. You get to merge two types of thinking so it can become one, it’s a great process.

What can you tell us about your first collaboration: It was a great pleasure and an honor for me to work with a great collage artist, Laura Tringali Holmes. The project was for us to work on half of the canvas without seeing what the other did, so the element of surprise was a big factor here. The great part about this is when revealing the partner’s side of work and seeing the finished piece, it really puts a smile on your face.

Can you tell us how collaborations influenced your art: I still work on my personal style without getting too much influence from other artists. I was said to be perceptive, when collaborating I try not to enforce my style. I would rather compromise for the sake of a unitary finished look of the project. The art of collaborations lies in the art of compromise, that is if the two collaborators have different art styles. The perfect collaboration is when two minds think alike.

Do you promote/ sell/ showcase your artworks. If you do, how: I’ll be having my first exhibition later this month in Bucharest, I hope to get quite a crowd there. Meanwhile I use different sites to promote my artwork. I’m working on my etsy account and also on a romanian site for sales. They both should be ready in March. Until then, my facebook account and my e-mail address can be used for purchasing my artwork.

How the internet did influence your art: Regarding my artworks, internet spells resources for me. From different pictures I use, (there are some great free-stock providers on deviantart), to ideas I get, people I meet, internet is a great help. Also, it has been almost an exclusive way to promote my work.

Where can people see your artworks: Besides , my work can be seen on my personal blog, and on different other art sites and blogs.

How can people contact you: or


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