An Interview with Luca Rossi Martini by Teseleanu George

Full name: Luca Rossi

Date of birth: 23 November 1971

What is your current location:
Rome, Italy

Tell us a little about the art styles that you use:
You start with a very difficult question... Perhaps my style can be summed up in the exact opposite of the word “art style”, the lack of a real style is what characterizes my work. I like to wander among the various “artistic movements” and try different materials. Today I am fascinated by the surreal and the bizarre, with many science fiction contaminations, which I try to express through mediums that are more congenial to me. Probably someday I'll develop what others will consider my style, which will make my work recognizable both technically and in terms of content. For now I enjoy experimenting.

What are your tools of trade:
I like working with pencils, ink, acrylics and oil. I am very traditional in this regard.

Why did you choose these art styles:
I like surrealism because it goes beyond what we perceive with our five senses, is a tool that allows us to penetrate the daily life boldly go where no man has gone before :)
The mere reproduction of what is real and tangible, in my personal opinion, is a little boring. For example: nature has worked for billions of years to create a tree, a tree today is perfect! No man will ever be able to do better, would not have the time. We can only reprocess it with a bit of imagination, and will be always a reproduction...Surrealism grants you the freedom to reinvent that tree, starting from zero, without the need to follow rules or absolute truths.

What is your favorite one and why:
Of course Surrealism and illustrated science fiction. Sometimes I really like to mix these two currents. The reason is related to the charm and wonder that struck me as a child when I saw the work of Dali, Ernst, Giger or science fiction books’ illustrations. Sometimes I feel these sensations even today when I am a child of 40 years. :)

What other art styles would you like to experiment with:
I'd like to try to draw comics in ink, which I consider art in all respects. This is another great passion of mine, but at the moment seems to be something beyond my skills. Maybe in the future.

How can you define in your own word, surrealism:
Break the rules.

Who is your favorite artist and how do you connect with his/her works:
Karel Thole, a Dutch illustrator who has worked many years in Italy as a cover artist for the sci-fi magazine Urania. He was a true master of the fantastic and the surreal. I have an extensive collection of books illustrated by him from 60’s up to 2000, year of his death. I miss his magic.

What influenced you to become an artist:
I create because of the need to express myself and the pleasure of creating, and perhaps for the pleasure of surprising. But above all I am an "artist" because I like the challenge that a white paper throws you. I wrote artist in quotes because actually I am a clerk with a passion for art, not a professional artist. Well, I do not live with the earnings of my works, but the word artist has many different meanings...

How long have you been an artist:
As a passionate amateur I have been an Artist my entire lifetime.

How did your family and friends react of you being an artist:
My family has always been very pleased with my artistic skills and they always encouraged me. Today more than ever I am supported by BK, my life partner and best friend.

Where do you get your inspiration from:
Everything inspires me: a photo, a phrase, a dream, a book, works of other artists, news or daily gossip... Sources are endless; you just need to know how to extract a work from them. Sometimes, when I'm in creative crisis, I read a sentence from any book, and reverse it. Et voilà! An image with unexpected meanings is born and it is developed. Very funny.

What determined you to do collaborations:
Curiosity and the desire to learn and compare with other artists determined me to do collaborations. It was love at first sight. I did not think that it would be so funny, instructive and motivational! I am now in a very productive phase, only thanks to the fantastic fellows I have met since doing collaborations. Collaborations are the best thing that could have happen to me, they rekindled the desire to create. Thank you mates!

What can you tell us about your first collaboration:
I made ??my first collaboration with Immy ( ) and I was struck by her incredible technique and imagination. It was nice to finish her drawing, but also hard. It was a very constructive experience.

Can you tell us how collaborations influenced you and your art:
They have a heavy influence on my work and on my way to work, you can understand many things by looking at the drawings of other artists, even more true if you have to work on those drawings. Is quite a responsibility, but it is also a fun way to learn new styles and techniques.

Do you promote your artworks:
I promote my work through the sites DeviantArt and Shadowness.

How the internet did influence your art:
Internet is the world in your own home, it is impossible not to be influenced by a tool with a potential so vast. Is a revolution, even in the artistic field.

Where can people see your artworks:
on DeviantArt , on Shadowness ...and in my living room!

How can people contact you:
They can contact me through my mail



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